Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Photogrammetric Mapping


Today’s mapping market is increasingly demanding, with customers requiring larger projects, faster turnaround times, higher resolution and higher accuracy. VisionMap provides you with the advanced technology that enables you to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. VisionMap’s state-of-the-art digital mapping systems will improve your offerings to clients, increase your efficiency, and enable you to take on projects you never thought possible.

VisionMap cameras utilize a unique capture technology that provides a wide FOV of up to 106°, enabling wide flight line spacing, rapid coverage and simultaneous collection of vertical and oblique imagery. The camera’s ability to cover vast areas quickly (up to 1,750 km2/hour of 10 cm GSD imagery) enables you to take on projects of any size.

Two long focal length telescopes collect extremely high resolution imagery – 0.75 cm GSD for every 1,000 ft. / 2.5 cm GSD for every 1000 m of flight altitude. This ability to fly high without compromising resolution is particularly significant in areas with air traffic restrictions.

Post flight, VisionMap images are automatically processed by the LightSpeed ground processing system, which extends the system’s productivity even further. LightSpeed automatically processes thousands of km2 of VisionMap imagery per day with high accuracy, reducing manual processing time by 50-75%. LightSpeed’s end-to-end workflow produces aerial triangulation, photogrammetric vertical and oblique imagery, dense DSM, orthophoto-mosaic,and stereo models. LightSpeed is the only photogrammetric processing suite that performs bundle adjustment of vertical and oblique images simultaneously, yielding sub-pixel accuracy.

  • Cuts project time in half
  • High resolution imagery
  • High photogrammetric accuracy
  • Automatic processing
  • Vertical & oblique imagery

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