Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems



VisionMap’s MIST IR Thermal Airborne Imaging System is your ideal solution for revealing activity hidden in vast areas.

Based on the unique and field-proven capture technology of the MIST U, MIST IR provides the largest swath and most efficient coverage in thermal reconnaissance. The state-of-the-art payload combines efficiency with extremely high resolution, revealing the smallest objects of interest. Its high-sensitivity thermal sensor alerts the user to “hot” areas where illegal activity has occurred, even under dense canopy.

Thanks to its compact size and weight (11 kg), MIST U integrates easily into various types of manned and unmanned aircraft. MIST IR can be used for a variety of applications including pipeline monitoring, search and rescue, heat-loss mapping, locating hidden objects, revealing jungle hideouts and providing defense intelligence. The system’s end-products include thermal images for interpretation and more.

Vast-Area Coverage

Identify suspicious activity over a vast area

High Resolution

Reveals even the smallest objects of interest

High Sensitivity

Detects thermal activity even under dense canopy