Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems



VisionMap’s MIST G is a dual-spectral airborne mapping and surveillance system combining the capabilities of MIST U and MIST IR into an all-in-one, power-packed system.

The payload is comprised of two telescopes that capture color and thermal imagery simultaneously. It combines vast-area coverage with high resolution and high thermal sensitivity to reveal objects of interest. MIST G is ideal for a variety of defense and HLS applications such as 3D modeling, mapping, gathering defense intelligence, disaster management, deforestation detection, revealing jungle hideouts and maritime surveillance.

MIST G images are automatically processed, producing high quality and accurate data in near real-time. The system can be used for creating accurate orthophotos and high resolution 3D models, interpretation and more. MIST G supports extremely large-scale missions thanks to its fast turnaround time.

Vast-Area Coverage

Identify suspicious activity over a vast area

High Resolution

Reveals even the smallest objects of interest

Color & Thermal

Collects complementary color & thermal imagery