Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems



VisionMap’s MIST U Airborne Imaging System brings commercial-level geospatial data to a variety of defense and HLS applications. MIST U combines vast-area coverage with high resolution to reveal even the smallest objects of interest.

Thanks to its compact size and weight (11 kg), MIST U integrates easily into various types of manned and unmanned aircraft. Captured imagery is automatically processed, producing high quality, accurate data for such applications as 3D modeling, mapping disaster management, deforestation detection, revealing jungle hideouts and providing defense intelligence. High resolution images and exact coordinates of any location are provided on demand.

MIST U can be used for creating accurate orthophotos and high resolution 3D models, interpretation and more. The system is operational and battle-proven around the world.

Vast-Area Coverage

Identify activity-of-interest over a vast area

High Resolution

Reveals even the smallest objects of interest


The system is simple to install and operate