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A3 Edge

What does the typical A3 Edge Digital Mapping System package include?

The typical A3 Edge system includes the following:

  • A3 Edge camera including Flight Management software (See question #3)
  • Flight Planning software (optional)
  • Flight Viewer quick QC software (optional) 
  • LightSpeed Ground Processing System 
  • Ground cluster/server (optional)

Is the A3 Edge camera placed on a gyrostabilized mount?

A3 Edge utilizes a unique motion compensation technology that stabilizes images by means of the camera's secondary mirror. As a result, A3 Edge produces crisp, clear images without the need for a gyrostabilized mount. Learn more about VisionMap's unique technology in this video.

When working in 4 Band (RGB+NIR) mode, a gyrostabilized mount is recommended for reducing overlaps and maximizing capture efficiency. Somag's VSM 500 was specifically designed for A3 Edge.

What are the components of the A3 Edge camera?

  • A3 Edge optical head (with 2 telescopes) 
  • On board computer for camera management
  • One detachable SSD unit of 2.0 TB
  • Monitor or Tablet PC for pilot navigation
  • Laptop for aerial survey operator
  • GPS antenna
  • A3 Navigator - Navigation software
  • A3 Grabber - Camera management software

What type of aircraft can the A3 Edge camera be installed on?

The A3 Edge camera fits various aircraft with a standard aerial sensor hole in the fuselage. The aircraft can be pressurized or unpressurized flying from 2,500 Feet to 45,000 feet.

How does A3 Edge collect images?

A3 Edge captures images using a unique and highly efficient "sweep" mechanism. During flight, sequences of frames are exposed in a cross-track direction at a very high speed, capturing a wide FOV of up to 106° and up to 78,000 pixels. Its unique capture mechanism enables A3 Edge to cover vast areas in a fraction of the time. Detailed information about the camera's productivity can be found here. See also the product video.

What is the typical AT accuracy achieved by A3 Edge?

A3 Edge provides extremely robust and highly accurate aerial triangulation, with or without GCPs, and without an IMU. The sub-pixel accuracy is achieved through a combination of features: high resolution, wide field of view which leads to the large side overlap and huge number of tie points which are extracted in the "LightSpeed" software.

VisionMap's A3 Digital Mapping System was previously tested by the University of Stuttgart's Institute for Photogrammetry (IFP), a prominent and highly esteemed research establishment, and has faced the challenge. IFP noted "VisionMap's A3 System obtained very satisfactory empirical accuracy results." For detailed information about IFPs findings, see this document.

What are the typical overlaps used for flight planning for orthophoto production?

Traditionally, forward and side overlaps are considered to be the defining parameters in flight planning for orthophoto production. VisionMap takes a different approach, designing its revolutionary A3 Edge camera with the understanding that the orthophoto angle, rather than overlaps, determines the building leaning in the orthophoto. More information about the importance of orthophoto angle can be found in this post by Dr. Yuri Raizman.

Typical overlaps for flight planning for orthophoto production with A3 Edge camera are 55% forward overlap and 55% side overlap.

What are the typical parameters for flight planning for 3D modeling with A3 Edge?

Thanks to its unique sweep technology which captures high resolution imagery of rooftops and facades in the same flight, A3 Edge is ideal for 3D city modeling.

With A3 Edge, each flight line provides 2-directional oblique images. In order to obtain 4-directional oblique images, the camera should be flown in a crisscross pattern. In flight planning for 3D modeling, the side overlap is derived from the side-oblique overlap (the overlap between the oblique parts of two parallel flight lines). Typical side-oblique overlap should be >30%.

Which photogrammetric software supports A3 Edge Imagery for stereocompilation?

SocetSet, Image Station, LPS, Photomod, AtlasKLT, Summit Evolution (DATEM), OrbitGIS, MicroMap, Espa3D, ArcGDS, Menci and more.

How many VisionMap cameras have been sold?

Since its establishment in 2004, customers around the globe have chosen VisionMap as the ultimate in productivity, accuracy and quality in airborne mapping. 60 cameras are in operation worldwide. Please see our user case studies and video testimonials.


Why is LightSpeed the best software for ground processing A3 Edge data?

The A3 Edge camera is unique in its ability to capture hundreds of thousands of frames in a typical flight - significantly more data than any other camera. LightSpeed is the only software on the market that can quickly process such huge amounts of data. LightSpeed is simple to use and significantly lowers operational costs, providing various photogrammetric products, accurate aerial triangulation, DSM, Orthophoto mosaic, Stereo models and more.

What is the recommended configuration for the cluster/server ground processing system?