Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Maritime Surveillance


Many countries surrounded by water face problems such as illegal fishing, piracy, illegal immigrants, trafficking and distressed vessels. Monitoring the vast sea to keep these problems under control can be challenging.

Thanks to their tremendous aerial acquisition productivity and the detailed images they provide, VisionMap systems offer the most comprehensive solution available for maritime monitoring. VisionMap’s proprietary imaging technology captures vast bodies of water quickly and in extremely high resolution (e.g., 14,000 km2/hr of 20 cm GSD imagery from 26,600 ft).

A fast aerial survey reveals activity in the water in real-time. Any type of object, from a large vessel to a small boat can be identified, as well as objects of any material (not only metal). Once an object is detected, the operator can view high resolution images of it for identification, take measurements and get its accurate coordinates. The system’s special algorithm assists the operator by presenting objects he may have missed.

VisionMap systems can detect vessels that are partially sunk - ideal for search and rescue missions. The high resolution sensor recognizes small ships in a group individually, rather than mistaking the group for one object. Furthermore, complete capture flexibility is provided – so you can survey a vast ocean, or capture a long and narrow river without the unnecessary surroundings. VisionMap systems are easy to use and simple to install on various manned and unmanned aircraft.

  • Capture thousands of km2/hr
  • Detect even the smallest boats
  • Identify detected objects
  • Get accurate coordinates
  • 24/7 solution

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