Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Hidden Object Location


When dangerous objects are planted underground, they tend to be camouflaged, well hidden, and difficult for authorities to detect. VisionMap’s thermal airborne imaging systems provide an efficient solution for effectively locating objects hidden on the roadside, in the field or in any area of interest.

The camera’s exceptional efficiency enables rapid coverage of vast areas. The high quality thermal images collected instantly reveal suspicious objects on the ground that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. VisionMap’s high sensitivity thermal sensors can detect many types of objects, even if they are camouflaged. Furthermore, the area is captured from many different angles to ensure the detection of objects hidden under trees, by houses, under sheds, etc. One a suspicious object is detected, ground personnel are provided with its full resolution images and exact coordinates, so that it can be immediately identified and neutralized.

Collecting and recording geo-referenced data about the same area over time enables tracking even the smallest of changes, such as the appearance of a new object.

  • Vast area capture
  • Efficiently search an area
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • Manned aircraft or UAV

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