Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Jungle Hideout Detection


Jungles are often used to hide illegal activities such as drug labs, weapon storage, terrorist hideouts and human trafficking because of their remote nature. VisionMap systems offer a flexible and complete solution for detecting these types of activities in vast and dense jungles.

After a quick aerial survey of the jungle, the system provides all the information needed to locate and identify activity of interest in vast jungles. The sensor’s high thermal sensitivity high resolution multi-directional images provide a comprehensive view of the area, while revealing the smallest signs of activity. Authorities are provided with full resolution images and exact coordinates of activity of interest, so that action can be taken quickly and efficiently.

VisionMap systems are easy to use and simple to install on various manned and unmanned aircraft.

  • Vast area capture
  • Efficiently search an area
  • High thermal sensitivity reveals heat sources
  • Manned aircraft or UAV

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