Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Imaging for Defense


When defending a country’s borders on land and at sea, you need to be everywhere, all the time.
VisionMap makes this possible.

VisionMap’s ultra-fast payloads have the unique ability to photograph vast areas quickly and efficiently. The cameras’ high resolution images provide the most detailed information about the battlefield, revealing changes on the ground, highlighting new objects, and enabling a deep understanding of your vulnerabilities - so you can better protect them.

In addition to color imagery, VisionMap cameras collect high resolution thermal imagery that uncovers critical information invisible to the naked eye. Analysis of complementary color and thermal imagery provides a complete and comprehensive picture of the area of interest. VisionMap systems provide a complete solution for your mission, from capture to automatic data processing, object recognition, and the creation of accurate orthophoto, 3D models and more.

VisionMap’s systems are operational and battle-proven in air-forces around the world, and are commonly used for such applications as border control, terrorist and infiltrator detection, and target location on land and water. The lightweight payloads are simple to install on various manned and unmanned aircraft.

  • Vast area capture
  • High resolution
    color & thermal images
  • Mission simulation
  • Battle-proven systems

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