Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Disaster Management


When disaster strikes, the damage to people and property can be far reaching. Natural disasters such as fires, tsunamis and earthquakes can quickly spiral out of control and into vast areas. Responding to such unexpected, large-scale destruction can be a real challenge. VisionMap provides an optimal solution for large-scale disaster monitoring.

Utilizing a unique capture technology, VisionMap’s camera quickly surveys the entire affected area (capturing up to 1,000 km2/hour from 10,000 ft.), and immediately provides ground forces with high resolution images that can be used for locating survivors, damage assessment, identifying a fire’s source, evacuation path planning and more. Accurate coordinates of any point of interest are provided on-demand. The system’s ability to provide up-to-the-minute information facilitates the most efficient and effective response to the disaster’s outbreak.

  • Vast area capture
  • Efficient area search
  • Up-to-the-minute information
  • Manned aircraft or UAV

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