Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Heat-Loss Mapping


With environmental awareness higher than ever, homeowners, municipalities and energy providers are constantly seeking ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. VisionMap thermal airborne imaging systems provide an excellent and highly effective solution for heat-cold loss mapping of urban areas, industrial plans and more.

Utilizing a unique capture technology, VisionMap’s thermal camera surveys the entire area extremely quickly and efficiently. Due to camera's vertical and oblique capabilities, building rooftops and facades are captured in the same pass, providing the most comprehensive view of the area. The sensors’ extremely high thermal sensitivity (within 0.02° C) detects even the slightest signs of heat-cold loss.

Thanks to the camera’s long (300 mm) focal length, it is able to fly at high altitudes without compromising resolution. For example, from an altitude of 6,000 ft. (1,830 m) AGL, it can collect 250 km2/hour of 9 cm resolution imagery. The ability to fly high is especially important in urban areas, where residents may be disturbed by the noise of low-flying aircraft and there are many other limitations like air traffic restrictions.

  • High thermal sensitivity
  • High productivity
  • High flight altitude
  • Frequent update cycles

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