Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Forestry & Agriculture


Capturing high resolution CIR or 4-band imagery faster than any other system on the market, VisionMap’s A3 Edge Digital Mapping System is the ideal solution for agriculture, forestry and land management applications.

With a footprint of up to 78,000 x 4,800 pixels, A3 Edge provides near-infrared imagery (NIR) in combination with high resolution natural color imagery. The native resolution of the NIR imagery is identical to the resolution of the natural color imagery, and no pan-sharpening is applied.

VisionMap’s LightSpeed processing system produces high-end CIR or 4-band products in the fastest fully-automatic workflow. LightSpeed can be run by an optimal-sized team, significantly reducing operational costs.

  • Widest coverage
  • Hi-res NIR Imagery
  • Fastest processing

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