Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Wildlife Detection


VisionMap airborne imaging systems offer an extremely efficient solution for detecting wildlife, which can be used for tracking, counting and classifying animal populations.

VisionMap cameras utilize a unique capture technology that provides quick high resolution coverage of vast areas. The aerial images make it easy to see the animals’ locations and to calculate the number of animals in a particular area. The system’s fast turnaround time enables surveying an area on a regular basis, which can provide useful information about the animals’ behaviors and trends.

In situations where the animals are hidden under trees or are better photographed at night, VisionMap’s high sensitivity thermal sensors provide an excellent solution, detecting the animals’ by their body temperature (within 0.02° C) and translates them into a thermal image. The animals stand out in the image, clearly contrasting with the backdrop of their surroundings.

  • Automatic detection
  • Animal classification
  • Survey thousands of km2/hr

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