Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

Oblique Imaging


VisionMap’s highly productive A3 Edge Digital Mapping System simplifies the complex task of performing oblique projects. The system provides an automatic, end-to-end solution for capturing and processing high resolution oblique imagery - completing your projects in less than half the time compared to other oblique cameras.

VisionMap’s LightSpeed processing suite automatically processes thousands of km2 of vertical and oblique imagery per day, producing final photogrammetric products of the highest quality. The system cuts manual processing time by 50-75% compared to other oblique processing software.

LightSpeed is the only photogrammetric processing suite that performs bundle adjustment of vertical and oblique images simultaneously, with sub-pixel accuracy. Having a homogeneous high accuracy for vertical and oblique images is crucially important for getting high quality 3D city models.

VisionMap high resolution oblique imagery is commonly used for 3D modeling, urban planning, infrastructure monitoring, emergency response, law enforcement, and more.

  • Cuts capture time in half
  • High resolution imagery
  • Automatic processing
  • Vertical & oblique imagery
  • High photogrammetric accuracy

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