Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems

VisionMap Partners with Special Operations Solutions, LLC

08/09/2016Press Releases

Tel Aviv, Israel – September 8, 2016. VisionMap, a leading provider of airborne imaging systems, announced its exclusive partnership with Special Operations Solutions, LLC (SOS). SOS, which specializes in providing solutions for all parts of the ISR and remote sensing life cycle, will provide sales and marketing services for VisionMap's airborne imaging systems to the U.S. market. SOS is known for its sales expertise throughout the U.S., and its deep understanding of the ISR needs in the U.S market.

VisionMap’s product suite includes color and thermal cameras for both manned and unmanned aircraft, which provide unmatched capture and professing efficiency for a variety of ISR and mapping applications.

"We are pleased to represent VisionMap’s offerings in the U.S." said Manan Patel, founder of SOS. "VisionMap has developed a fantastic product line, with capabilities that are uniquely beneficial to the U.S. market needs. VisionMap systems utilize the most cutting-edge technologies, which in turn enables users to enjoy greater efficiency and a higher return on investment. We look forward to a successful, long term partnership.”

About VisionMap
VisionMap is a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital airborne imaging systems. Its innovative data acquisition and automatic processing systems set a new standard for productivity in geospatial data production. The systems support extremely large-scale projects thanks to their fast turnaround time.

VisionMap’s processing systems automatically produce accurate aerial triangulation, DSM and orthophoto mosaic, as well as stereo models and geo-referenced vertical and oblique images. VisionMap systems are successfully deployed around the world.

About Special Operations Solutions, LLC
Founded in 2008, Special Operations Solutions, LLC (SOS) specializes in providing technical and engineering support for all parts of the ISR and remote sensing life cycle, which includes design, integration, testing, and overseas deployment and sustainment. SOS has personnel deployed globally supporting ISR and remote sensing missions 24/7/365. Their staff consists of systems engineers, electrical and network engineers, software developers, sensor operators, imagery analysts, and intelligence analysts.