Innovating Airborne Imaging Systems



LightSpeed is a revolutionary photogrammetric processing system that automatically processes thousands of of VisionMap camera imagery per day for various mapping applications.

LightSpeed’s end-to-end workflow produces accurate aerial triangulation, dense DSM, orthophoto-mosaic, stereo models, and photogrammetric solved imagery. LightSpeed is the only photogrammetric software that performs bundle adjustment of vertical and oblique images simultaneously, with sub-pixel accuracy.

LightSpeed’s ability to provide accurate geospatial products within a short time-frame, without relying on a GPS base station or ground control points (GCPs), makes it ideal for rapid response applications.

Fastest Workflow

High quality end-products
at lightning speed

Accurate AT

Sub-pixel accuracy for vertical & oblique images

Automatic Processing

Cuts manual processing time by 50-75%